«Resonance-NE» Radar


 «Resonance-NE» Radar is designed for effective detection of a wide class of modern and advanced air objects, including stealth cruise and ballistic missiles, hypersonic aircraft, including those made using STEALTH technology, in conditions of electronic countermeasures and natural interference.


«Resonance-NE» Radar includes up to four radar modules, each of which provides control in the azimuth sector 90 ° and can operate independently. The radar module consists of a transmitting antenna-feeder device, receiving azimuth and elevation antenna-feeder devices, and a power amplification device. The complex for receiving and processing information provides receiving and processing information in each of the four modules. The radar equipment is housed in containers.

The equipment for generating sounding signals, receiving and processing radar information has a digital structure and is controlled by special processors. The power amplifier is solid state.

A radar of four modules controls a 360 ° sector and is located on an area of 100 x 100 m.


  • long-range detection and tracking of a wide class of airborne objects, including small-sized ones and manufactured using STEALTH technology;
  • automatic determination of coordinates and parameters of movement of air objects, as well as their classification by attributes;
  • automatic issuance of target designations to weapon systems and systems;
  • development and transmission of information to consumers about the accompanied objects for making operational decisions;
  • analysis of interference conditions and automatic adaptation to real interference conditions.

The station can operate in a circular mode or within a given sector. In addition to solving peacetime tasks, the radar is capable of providing early warning of an air attack and information support for combat operations of aviation and air defense systems.

Basic Characteristics

Observation area:

  • by range, km 10-1200
  • in azimuth, degree 360
  • in elevation, degrees 1.5 — + 80 * (0 — +80) **
  • in height, km up to 100

Detection range at an altitude of 10,000 m, km 350

Coordinate measurement accuracy, not worse:

  • by range, m 300
  • azimuth, deg 1.5
  • in elevation, deg 1.5
  • by speed, m / s 1-1.5

Information update rate, from 1-10

Number of tracked targets up to 500

Continuous working time continuously

Combat Crew (one shift), people 3

Autonomous power supply system, industrial network 220 V, 50 Hz, 3 phases

Power consumption, kW 100

Working conditions:

ambient temperature, ° С -40 ° — + 50 °

relative air humidity at 25 ° С,% up to 90

wind at speed, m / s up to 50

Transportation by road, rail, water and air

* when placing the radar at an elevation of ≥10 m with a slope of 2º

** when placing the radar at an elevation of ≥100 m